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Putting education first

Jim knows the importance of a good education. During his career in the House of Delegates, Jim has always voted for record level funding for K-12 education in the state budget.  This year he voted for a constitutional amendment to ensure that every penny of casino revenue is put into a $500 million education lock-box.


He also fought hard to keep the cost of higher education down by voting for the College Affordability Act, and to freeze tuition growth at 2%.  With the Rockville campus of Montgomery College in his district he knows the importance of community colleges too.

Standing up for the environment

As a member of the Environment and Transportation Committee, Jim's commitment to the environment has been steadfast. Jim championed the Chesapeake Bay oyster recovery program which is essential to the Bay's long-term health.  Whether its been banning fracking, increasing dependence on renewable energy, or holding big oil companies accountable for offshore drilling - Jim has been there.

Jim believes we are stewards of the environment and despite the federal government's repeated attempts to undermine the progress we have made he will continue to fight here in Maryland. This includes passing legislation to make Maryland part of the U.S. Climate Alliance - similar to the Paris Climate Accord but with even stronger standards - and solidifying the state's commitment to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative to lessen the impact of global warming. 

Prioritizing health care

In Annapolis, Jim consistently votes to strengthen Maryland's world-class health care delivery system.


Although the federal government has actively undermined the Affordable Care Act, Jim has supported policies to curb the adverse effects of staggering health care costs and stabilize the insurance market. Just this year, Jim voted to establish a state run reinsurance program to control rising insurance rates and make sure that insurance companies help cover the cost of care for the sickest Marylanders. 

Jim also voted to overturn the governor's veto of earned sick leave. This crucial legislation will benefit over 700,000 working Marylanders who will now no longer have to choose between taking care of a sick child or family member and potentially losing their job. 

Tough on guns

Jim has been a major advocate of gun control during his time in Annapolis. He proudly voted for Maryland's assault weapon ban which includes a ban on AR-15 style rifles, expanded background checks, and a cap on magazine sizes.

This past year, Jim helped pass legislation in direct response to tragedies like Las Vegas and Parkland, Florida. He voted for a bump stock ban which will ban the device used in the Las Vegas shooting and other rapid trigger activators which are designed to turn semi-automatic guns to fully automatic, a Red Flag Law which requires at-risk individuals to turn in any guns they own if they are believed to pose a serious threat to themselves or others, and legislation which requires convicted domestic abusers to present verified proof to the court that they have turned in their guns.

Funding public transportation

Jim knows the importance of public transportation in our community. He's worked hard to fund the projects that matter, like the ICC and Metro to make sure you can get to work.

This year Jim secured $4.5 million for local roads in Rockville and Gaithersburg. He also voted to provide WMATA with an annual $167 million - alongside D.C. and Virginia - to  improve the Metro system.

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