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About Jim

I've lived most of my life in Montgomery County and have represented Gaithersburg and Rockville in the Maryland House of Delegates for the last 12 years.

Before being elected to the legislature I worked for both state and local government and small business.  At History Associates Incorporated I worked on the history of MCI communications as they celebrated their 25th anniversary.  MCI was a leader in moving communications from land line phones to the communication system at the turn of this century, and a predecessor to much of what has occurred in the last two decades.  I also worked on the centennial history of the Naval Ordnance Station in Charles County.

I worked on the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program at the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development.  With the CDBG program I worked on projects across the state to provide improved housing, clean water, upgraded sewage systems, and economic development. Maryland is a diverse and growing state and CDBG supports basic community projects to support low income communities.  

With the Montgomery County Office of Intergovernmental Affairs I served as a liaison between the County and the state legislature.  This job provided important experience for my work as a legislator.

During my time in the House of Delegates, Maryland has made strong strides to fund education, protect the environment, provide access to health care and fund transportation.   I have voted to provide record funding for Maryland’s schools, adopt same sex marriage, increase requirements for renewable energy, fund the ICC and the Metro, and enact important gun control measures.

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